Part I

by Method

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armedpsyche Met Sam at S&F 2018 and was indecisive on buying a shirt, and MASSIVELY enjoyed your guys' set. I bought your guys' EP since I didn't get any merch, thank you Sam for being such a cool guy. You guys rifted the stage. Best band there. Favorite track: Downhill Walk.
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released July 5, 2018

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Griffin Landa at The Establishment in Des Moines, IA.
Artwork by Nick Miller.
Photo by Josh Kelley.


all rights reserved



Method Des Moines, Iowa

F. Drew - Vocals
Duncan - Guitar
Jordy - Guitar
H. Drew - Bass
Boozin - Drums

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Track Name: Downhill Walk
Don't fit in
Not one of them
Hide behind accomplishments that mean nothing
I know you know
I own your truth
Your validation: I don't approve

Easy to see the top
The path to get there
A downhill walk
Your accolades will fall apart
I've always known
Right from the start
Track Name: Wrong Method
Think you got it all figured out?
Spewing shit from your fucking mouth
Pushing the left and the right
Criticizing everything in life

Stake your claim without direction
Looking for fame and attention
Figure out where you went wrong
It's too late; we've all moved on
Track Name: No Reprieve
No reprieve

My head is stuck in a vice
and it won't stop spinning right
The days keep piling on
I plant my feet and taste defeat

I don't want to keep my head up
When the world keeps beating me down
I don't want to work for a living
when there's no solid ground

No reprieve
No release
Track Name: @me
Look at me
The person I always wanted to be
So intriguing
So interesting

Glued to the attention of me
My identity
Look at...
me at me at me

Craving the dopamine
That every comment gives to me
I'm fucking addicted to me

Nothing interesting to say
Nothing important to convey
Critical thinking escapes me

I can see how deep your mind goes
And I fear not drowning in that shallow pool
Because you're more like a desert or a barren sea
As original as an art school degree
Yet you talk and talk like we care what you say
But you're nothing special, just an unmarked grave
If these words hurt, If they bring you pain,
Don't you dare fucking @ me.
Say it to my face
Track Name: Push for More
I push for more and more
For the chance to open
Just one damn door

Opportunity knocks
I will not be found
Hidden under the weight
Of my own self doubt

I'll wait my turn
But it'll never come
I lie here awake
Until my life is done

I push for more and more
I can't get ahead
I take two steps forward
The next one is of the edge

Skull drug
To feel the pain
Empty pockets
I'm feeling drained
All the hours pull me down
Pushing forward only to drown

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